Saturday, 29 September 2012

Rimmel Exotica + Stamping

This is one of my favourite reds in my collection, i have had this nail polish for years, I'm certain it was one of the first in my collection.

Exotica is a vibrant metallic red with a gold shimmer. The shimmer shows slightly on the nail but not as much as it does in the bottle. As much as i love this colour i don't tend to wear red much as i find its too much of a rich colour for me, but since i started stamping i have worn it much more as the stamping break up the colour more. The colour that i find goes really nice with red is a gold.

The only downside to this polish i have found is that it stains my nails more then any other colour even with a base coat. The only base coat which has been thick enough to help prevent that is Boots No7 base coat, i use two coats of it before adding this polish and i now find once i take it off there is very little staining, other then some redness on the skin from where it was rubbed to be removed.

For this stamping i used cheeky plate CH7 and Accessorize metalized one coat in Jewel.

More Flower stamping

As i said in a prevous post i do like my flower stamping and i promise i will certainly change it up from now on.

I did this design on my friends nails a few weeks ago, i think it looks lovely, its not once of my best, i could of done it so much neater, i find it harder doing other peoples nails then my own, they never end up as neat but i'm slowly getting there. Will certainly have to redo this design at some point.

For this design i used Nubar white peony then stamped using Cheeky plate CH12 and Accessorise metalized one coat in greige then for the dots i used lime crimes parfait day, lavendairy and once in a blue mousse.

Friday, 28 September 2012

China Glaze and Ring finger design

It wasn't until recently when going through my polish collection i noticed that i didn't own any browns! i have every other colour, glitter, holo etc but no browns!!! so i spent about an hour googling all different brands to find one that i liked and it was no wonder i didn't own any as only one caught my eye which was China Glaze Foie Gras from the Hunger Games collection.

I ordered the colour from EBay Tuesday and received it Wednesday and i have been wearing it since, which is unlike me as i normally change my polish everyday if i have a chance!

In the bottle it looks more like a dusty purple, brown tone colour. Once applied the polish drys darker and to a more chocolately colour and i love it!!!! It only needed two coats and dried with a gorgeous gloss finish.

I was going to konad my nails afterwards but i thought it might just hide the colour to much, plus as much as i love konad, at the time i wasn't up for doing all the clean up involved. I decided i would do an accent nail with some of the nail art stickers i have.

The end result turned out better then i expected. I hope you like.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ciate Jelly Bean + Stamping

This is the latest nail stamping i have done and one of the quickest as there wasn't much polish to clear up afterwards. I used 2 coats of Ciate Jelly Bean which is a lovely fuschia pink with a blue/purple shimmer to it, unfortunately the shimmer doesn't really show on the nail like it does in the bottle. Once dried it gives a lovely glossy finish. I used cheeky plate CH14 with konad white, then finished off with a matte top coat by Rimmel.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Flower Stamping on Accessorize polish

I have a big thing for flower nail stamping, i just think they look really pretty, i tend to always lean towards those designs when deciding which one to use. I need to start experimenting more with other patterns.

For this design i used Boots No7 base coat, i really do like this base coat it normally retails at £5.50 but if you have the recent Boots £3 off make up voucher you can pick it up for £2.50 so i picked a couple of those up aswell as the top coat and i'm very impressed with both. I tend to use my Boots top coat more then my seche top coat lately.

The colour i used was Accessorize Metalized one coat in Sapphire, i do like there one coat range and have brought all of them, unforunately they don't have many only about 6 or 7 these are perfect if you don't have alot of time to get your nails done as one coat really does cover completely and they are also brilliant for stamping. I bought mine from my local Superdrugs store but i have noticed that not all of there shops sell the range.

The stamping plate i used was Cheeky CH14 and konad white, i finished off with Boots No7 Top coat. The end result of this manicure i think is really pretty. The blue and white go really well together and stand out. I do however get annoyed that the patterns are just that bit to small to fit my thumb!

Fishtail Manicure with Lime Crime Polishes

After seeing this manicure on many other blogs i thought i would try it out myself. It's not as hard and messy as i though it would be. Like many others i decided to do an accent nail. This was my first attempt which went pretty well.

The colours i used where the new lime crime colours (i love these colours), i painted all but my ring finger in Once in a blue mousse which only need 2 coats, then on my ring finger i used 1 coat of Lavendairy and painted the bottom half of my nail, i then started the fish tail with once in a blue mousse, next i used parfait day then Lavendairy. I carried on in that order until i reach the top of my nail. Once the colours were fully dry i finished off with Boots No7 top coat. I wasn't expecting this manicure to last long as the accent nail can get a thick layer of polish but it surprised me and lasted at least 3 days before i got a slight chip on the corner.

I love this design and got many compliments from people, ended up doing a few of my friends nails as they loved the design too.

Sorry for the small pictures, i have been off work now for a while so had been doing my nails during that time and took pictures with my phone. Now i've started the blog any designs from today will have much better pictures (hopefully)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Talika Lipocils

The moment i started this blog i knew one of my first posts would be about this product Talika Lipocils, there is only one word to explain it which is simply AMAZING!!!! unfortunately i dont have pictures to show the before and after as i started using it years ago.

I first saw this product back in May 2010 while looking through the duty free magazine that airlines give you. My eyelashes have always been short and gappy which i hated so for £19 i thought i would give it a try. It says to expect results in 28 days however i noticed results within 7 days. You put it on just like a mascara, it is a clear liquid which dries within 5-10mins then you can put your mascara on top.

I used it morning and night during my whole holiday and by the time it got to the end i was shocked at the difference in my lashes already. They had started to grow longer and some of the gaps were beginning to fill. I continued to use it for the next 3 weeks by which time my lashes were fuller, thicker and longer.

This tube lasted me nearly 8 months so was really worth the money i paid. I have been using this product ever since, though i have noticed if i go a week or so without using it my lashes do start to fall out.

I was so impressed with this product that i bought the Talika eyebrow lipocils as i do have thin and gappy eyebrows from over plucking :-( and it worked wonders. Within a few weeks my eyebrows were fuller and the gaps filled.

This is most certainly my most recommend product i have ever used. You can buy it straight from there own website or

Favourite Stamping

I'm going to start with one of my favourite nail patterns. I've recently got into nail stamping after seeing all the designs you could. It took a few goes to get the hang of it and now that i have i'm obsessed :-)

For this design i used my favourite polish right now which is Ciate Purple Sherbet. This polish came free in Junes issues of MarieClaire and i've fallen in love with it. It does take 3 coats to get a smooth even finish but once dry it has a lovely gloss look to it. For the stamping i used cheeky plate CH12 with konad white then finished off with Rimmel PRO Matte finish.
Sorry for the dry cuticles, its all of a sudden gotten really cold over here in the UK and my hands are hating the weather right now.

First Post

I've been thinking for ages about starting a blog but never got around to it. I am a huge nail polish addict, my collection isn't as big as many bloggers but compared to everyone i know it's huge. I also love beauty products. So this blog will be a mixture of beauty products and nail polish, though nail polish may end up being the main subject. I hope you all will like it and continue to read my blog.