Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fishtail Manicure with Lime Crime Polishes

After seeing this manicure on many other blogs i thought i would try it out myself. It's not as hard and messy as i though it would be. Like many others i decided to do an accent nail. This was my first attempt which went pretty well.

The colours i used where the new lime crime colours (i love these colours), i painted all but my ring finger in Once in a blue mousse which only need 2 coats, then on my ring finger i used 1 coat of Lavendairy and painted the bottom half of my nail, i then started the fish tail with once in a blue mousse, next i used parfait day then Lavendairy. I carried on in that order until i reach the top of my nail. Once the colours were fully dry i finished off with Boots No7 top coat. I wasn't expecting this manicure to last long as the accent nail can get a thick layer of polish but it surprised me and lasted at least 3 days before i got a slight chip on the corner.

I love this design and got many compliments from people, ended up doing a few of my friends nails as they loved the design too.

Sorry for the small pictures, i have been off work now for a while so had been doing my nails during that time and took pictures with my phone. Now i've started the blog any designs from today will have much better pictures (hopefully)

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