Saturday, 29 September 2012

Rimmel Exotica + Stamping

This is one of my favourite reds in my collection, i have had this nail polish for years, I'm certain it was one of the first in my collection.

Exotica is a vibrant metallic red with a gold shimmer. The shimmer shows slightly on the nail but not as much as it does in the bottle. As much as i love this colour i don't tend to wear red much as i find its too much of a rich colour for me, but since i started stamping i have worn it much more as the stamping break up the colour more. The colour that i find goes really nice with red is a gold.

The only downside to this polish i have found is that it stains my nails more then any other colour even with a base coat. The only base coat which has been thick enough to help prevent that is Boots No7 base coat, i use two coats of it before adding this polish and i now find once i take it off there is very little staining, other then some redness on the skin from where it was rubbed to be removed.

For this stamping i used cheeky plate CH7 and Accessorize metalized one coat in Jewel.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour combination and the perfect stamping. Looks great!

  2. Beautiful! where did you buy the stamp?xxx