Sunday, 28 October 2012

China Glaze Bogie (rare) + Revlon Stunning

This is one of the new polishes that came Friday from America. Its from a fall 2010 collection i think but it is a pretty colour. It's a plum/smoky brown colour with a multi-coloured shimmer to in it in the light. It only needed 2 coats for a full coverage. The only problem i had was my brush was loose so made applying difficult :-( it even fell out of the lid twice. But i have a china glaze that i was going to get rid of so i may just clean up that brush and swap them over as i would certainly wear this colour many times.


I wore the polish just that colour for a few hours but really fancied adding some glitter so i used Revlon Stunning

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  1. Beautiful! This mani looks lovely. Thanks for the swatch, there aren't many good pics of Stunning out there, and Bogie looks great as well.