Wednesday, 3 October 2012

No7 Damson Dream

I love when Boots release there money off of there No7 range, i have so many of there products that i love. However i wont buy most of them when they are at full price as i dont think they are worth that amount of money however when there is £5 off i'll pick up as many as i can afford.

One of the many products i picked up over the weekend was this no7 Damson Dream polish. It looks like such a gorgeous colour in the bottle, it is a shimmery dark purple/red. When the sun was out the colour looked really pretty on my nails. However the down side was the polish was slightly watery so i found myself having to apply 4 coats to get a nice even colour with made the polish chip easily :-(
I bought the polish for £2.50 using my £3 off voucher, however i wouldn't pay the full £5.50 price for it because of how watery it is and the chipping, though i do really love the colour.

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