Friday, 26 October 2012

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara

While i still have a few minutes i thought i would get this review done before i go back to the tidy up, washing, ironing, cleaning and polish and present hiding lol

I love love love love LOVE!!!! this mascara. i have so many mascaras in my make up drawer that i just don't use because i was disappointed in them but this one i think will be my number 1 mascara for a while. I bought this when i had loads of no7 vouchers and got my no7 Haul just before my holiday. It normally retails at £11 and i think i got it for £6 a big bargain i think.

This mascara really does do as it says, it's a 3 in one brush that is suppose to give definition and volume. For me it certainly did that, it also had barely any clumping once applied. I have worn this mascara since holiday and even in 30 degree heat it was brilliant i didn't get any panda eyes from sweating. Even for work most of my mascaras end up flaking abit near the end of the day and at times looks like i have none on but this mascara lasted ALL DAY!!! come the evening when i took it off it still look really good and didn't look like i had, had it on all day.

At £11 this mascara is abit on the pricey side but i would still buy it at full price, if your unsure then wait for the no7 vouchers then give it a try, you wont be disappointed.


  1. that mascara is brilliant! Such a natural look but really extends your lashes! amazing! May have to give it a try! xxxx

  2. I have this mascara as well and I love it so much I was going to do a review on it too :) It's my favourite mascara I have tried and trust me, I have tried a lot! :)

    Lovely blog by the way :)

    Jay x