Monday, 8 October 2012

Simple Derma Intensive relief cream

This product for me is 10 out of 10 and is a magic potion to me. I suffer from dry skin alot specially when there is sudden changes in the weather, which happens to be most weeks in the UK lately. This all started about 3 years ago when i suffered from pityriasis rosea for 3-4months (hard to explain what it is, google the pictures) . My legs suffered the most they would be really dry, sore and cracked and really sting when i shaved them. I had tried so many other creams that i gave up on anything working, even e45 cream didn't help.

I came across this cream during the time i had pityriasis rosea and have stuck with it ever since. It really is brilliant. After the first time i used it my skin felt soft and my legs were finally sting free!!! My skin now feels really hydrated when i use it and no longer looks dry and flakey.

This year i have noticed dry patches on my ribs and face appearing similar to when i had pityriasis rosea so i started used this cream in those places too and within a couple days the patches were no longer sore, flakey and red and within a week they had disappeared. It really is my magic cream and i would recommend it to anyone who suffers with dry skin.

You can buy this from superdrugs and boots and is pretty cheap to buy.

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