Friday, 26 October 2012

Latest Polish Haul

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates this week, i have been really busy with work and decorating that i just haven't had the time. Even today which is my day off i'm still going to be busy :-(
With christmas not to far away i started doing a little bit of present shopping today, i was so happy that when i got to my local shopping mall it was really quiet. The Queen has come to visit a school just around the corner from me so everyone has gone to see her, which i'm not complaining i get my shopping done quicker with no queues!!!!
As always when i'm out buying presents i always have to buy myself something :-) i popped into Boots and bought two collection 2000 glitter polishes and then went to Debenhams and bought OPI You only live twice. They cheered me up and made me feel like not all my money is going on other people!!
It was even better when i got home to find a little red card from the postman, i wasn't 100% sure which parcel it was so when i got to the sorting office i was so happy to find out it was more polishes that i had ordered from America!!!!
I'm really glad my fiance is working late today as i'm going to have to hide all these polishes from him, we're ment to be saving :-) but shhhhhhh

Anyways heres the polishes i bought today

Opi - You only live twice

Collection 200 Glittersweet and Love Jewel

And finally my China Glaze haul from America
Left to right:
Kinetic Candy
International Flare
Deviantly Daring

Hopefully tomorrow i will have time to start swatching some of these


  1. I've had my eye on those collection 1000 polish I'd love to see some swatches!

    Jazz x

    1. Hopefully i'll have a few swatches by this evening if not certainly tomorrow x