Friday, 5 October 2012

Revlon Scented Polish - Not so Blueberry

Out of the whole collection of scented polishes this is the only one i own, and the smell is just simply AMAZING!!!

I was first drawn to this polish as it was a gorgeous lilac (my favourite colour) not realising it was scented until that even when i painted my nails. Even with a coat of seche on top the smell was still there. It's such a nice sweet smell that the whole time i was wearing it i couldn't help but keep smelling my nails!!

The colour is a Lilac/Silver foil that also slightly shimmers in the sun.


  1. good post! i didnt know they had scented polishes, such a good idea!
    i followed you, could you follow back too please?xx

  2. Do we really need this! Wonder how it retains the smell?