Wednesday, 17 October 2012

OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise

This was one of my weekend bargins i managed to pick up 2 OPI for £4 each!!!!! i rarely buy OPI in a shop as they sell for £11 and unless i love a colour then i wont pay that money i will instead buy from Ebay. In my local Debenhams they have a Regis counter that sells all OPI products and for some reason they were doing HUGE discounts on loads of the older polishes. I bought this and another colour which was marked down to £6 however when it came to paying they didn't really look and put both through at £4! i certainly wasn't complaining.

This colour in the bottle looks amazing and photographed really well, but it was abit of a pain. It was very very sheer and took 4 coats for a full coverage some nails could of done with 5. i was a little disappointed that the pink shimmer you see in the bottle doesn't at all show up on your nails but in the sun and light the polish is gorgeous!! This is one of the rare polishes that i wouldn't mind using 4/5 coats on. And for £4 for an OPI you can't really complain.

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  1. It does look amazing in the bottle. I used 4 coats as well, was sitting there for ages waiting for it to dry! I think it was worth it. Wore it pre-blog days so no pics!

    Great find as well.