Sunday, 21 October 2012

China Glaze Sweet Hook + Aquadelic

These two polishes came in my little polish haul i bought from America. I love both of these colours.

Any Purple/lilac nail polish i just can't resist. Sweet Hook is a pale purple with a pink tone to it. I really do love this colour but found applying it to be a little difficult for some reason and it seemed a little uneven in places. But still apart from that i would wear this polish all the time if it wasn't for the fact i have so many.

Aquadelic is a green/turquoise polish. It dries brighter then it looks in the bottle and has a nice gloss to it once dried. This polished applied alot smoother then Sweet hook and looked more even once dried. I don't have many greens in my collection as my work uniform is a green top so it tends to clash but if i added a silver glitter on top like OPI Pirouette My Whistle i think this colour would look really pretty. The only negative to this colour i found was when i removed the polish i had green stains on the skin around my nails.

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